A Visit to the Camden Public Library

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I’ve visited many beautiful libraries during my travels, but this past weekend, I saw one that wins my unofficial contest for “The Library that Made Me Want to Pack My Bags, Move to Maine, and Become a Library Volunteer.”  I didn’t take any practical considerations into account – family, home, work. I just knew I wanted to live in walking distance to the Camden Public Library.  On a hill overlooking the harbor and next to a beautiful amphitheatre, the library is among the most picturesque I’ve ever seen. And its best feature – among many – is the Children’s Garden, a series of granite benches supported by books written by Maine authors.  E.B. White and Robert McCloskey are, of course, among the big granite books – but I had forgotten about Ruth Sawyer, the author of Roller Skates which won the 1937 Newbery Medal.

After walking around the grounds of the Library on both Saturday and Sunday, I agreed with my family that since I don’t like snow or temperatures below 30 degrees, Maine may not be the best place for me to live year-round. But Camden is only four hours away so I’m already planning to return next summer.


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