An Interview, a List and an Article…


Just the other day I wrote about how much I love the New York Times Book Review’s column called By the Book – and then, this morning I opened the paper and saw that this week’s interview is with Kristin Cashore. I went to graduate school (Simmons College Center for the Study of Children’s Literature) with Kristin, the author of the Graceling trilogy. Of course, the interview is wonderful. Here’s the link:

Coincidentally, on the same page as Kristin’s interview, there is an advertisement for the book I’m halfway through right now, Alys, Always by Harriet Lane. The story of an editor who witnesses a car accident that results in the death of the wife of a famous author is kind of psychological and almost mysterious. However you define it, it’s really good.

Last night, I was in Brookline Booksmith and picked up a flyer announcing their customer’s “Favorite 25 Books of 2011.”  You may be able to name many of them without looking at the list. A hint: the first two books on the list begin with the letter H.

Think a minute….Okay – The Hunger Games and The Help.  The complete list is right here:

Finally, I’ve been holding on to this New York Times article since Wednesday, June 27 – I just can’t put it in the recycling pile yet. I know. I could print it, email it to myself, or any of the other options for sending a copy to myself, but…

It’s an article by Ben Ratliff that beautifully conveys the oasis that books and libraries provide in the summer. Ratliff’s escape from the summer heat is in the Butler Library at Columbia University, but the article speaks to the special qualities of all libraries. Ratliff describes the Butler stacks as “the stillness capital of my imagination.” Here’s the link to his article:


2 thoughts on “An Interview, a List and an Article…

    • Hi Christine,
      Thanks for your comment. I just checked out your web site and smiled when reading your writing tutor checklist. I use the “so what” question all of the time – with my students and myself.

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