Top Ten Summer Reading Lists

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Sorry for the interruption in blog posts. It’s transition time. The school year ended, summer began, and I was focused on cleaning the library, searching for overdue books, figuring out my son’s schedule, taking care of long overdue errands and, of course, thinking about all of the reading ahead…

This morning I was at school for a few minutes and met a new student (entering second grade) who was delightfully enthusiastic about books and reading. She talked about George (the Curious one) and Madeline and the Pigeon and Olivia. This new student also told me about her friend who met the tooth fairy!  The tooth fairy, she said, came into this girl’s room, sat on the side of her bed and talked for awhile. The tooth fairy had brown hair, in case you were wondering.

One of the best parts about the early days of summer is the book lists. When I read them, I start adding books to my own metaphorical nightstand – or my Nook – knowing full well that I couldn’t read all of these books in five summers!  That being said, I love the lists, and it’s  interesting to see how they reflect their core readers. For example, the recommended titles from The Los Angeles Times include books about Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Van Halen and a section called Lifestyle Books which sounds like something out of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Here are my 10 favorite summer reading lists:

Teen Reads from NPR:

Summer Reading Selections from NPR’s Alan Cheuse:

Another NPR list (so much book coverage is why I contribute to my local station!):

The Los Angeles Times:,0,7303587.htmlstory

The Washington Post Summer Book Club for Kids:

Maureen Corrigan’s List – from NPR’s Fresh Air:

Wall Street Journal:

New York Times:

On Point with Tom Ashbrook:

New York City Summer Reading Program:


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