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As I wrote in an earlier post, sometimes the “purchase” button on my Nook is like Staples’ Easy Button. It is way too easy to buy a few books without much effort and they look so cool when they are loaded on your virtual library shelves. I could feel guilty about buying five new books over the past few days, but here’s the thing – I don’t. My justification is that I don’t buy alcohol, cigarettes or Fruit Loops. I buy books. Summer is just around the corner which means more time for reading, and most importantly, I’m really excited about every one of them.

If you have an e-reader or more wisely, a library card, here’s what was on my shopping list. I haven’t read any of them yet, but it makes me so happy every time I see them in a straight and orderly little line in my Nook library.

The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan – So many people talking about this book – the story of a ship that sank two years after the Titanic. A friend of mine just read it and loved it.  Between her recommendation and a story on NPR’s Weekend Edition, Rogan’s novel was first on my list.

The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger – Freudenberger’s new novel is about a Bangladeshi woman who meets her American husband on the internet and moves to Rochester,New York. I’m actually going to spend some time in Rochester this summer which makes this a totally justifiable purchase. Also, The Newlyweds received a glowing front page review of yesterday’s New York Times Book Review.

Dangerous Waters: An Adventure on the Titanic by Gregory Mones – my second ocean crisis book…I can’t help it. There was so much coverage of the 100th anniversary!  Really good reviews. Just added to Inly’s summer reading list which means it’s almost required reading.

Divergent by Veronica Roth – Part one of a trilogy that was recommended by one of my 8th grade students who loved this book. A dystopian novel about a society divided into five factions. I trust this student – she’s a thoughtful reader, and her enthusiasm led me right to my convenient on-line bookstore.

Drama: An Actor’s Education by John Lithgow – This one might seem a strange choice for me, but here are the facts: Lithgow grew up in Ohio. He’s written many children’s books. And my aunt, whose opinion I trust completely, thinks I would like this book. If she says I should read it, I do.

Yes, I still read (and often prefer) “real” books. I’ve purchased a few of them over the last few weeks as well, but those are other stories – literally.


One thought on “Books on the Nook

  1. Hi Shelley
    If you are part of the Old Colony Library Network, you can download books for free for e-readers. The selection is pretty good, and getting better.
    Thanks for these suggestions!

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