Two New Picture Books I Love…

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Sometimes I read a new picture book and love it so much that I don’t know what to do with it. Shelving it makes it too hard to see. Sleeping with it under my pillow would be uncomfortable. Carrying it around for a week feels right – and then quickly becomes inconvenient. The remedy is writing about books I love here on my blog, a place to share my passion with kids, parents and teachers.

These are the two books I can’t stop looking at this week… 

A Bus Called Heaven by Bob Graham

Australian author-illustrator Bob Graham has created another book about the power of people working together. When an abandoned bus appears in front of Stella’s house, people “stopped and talk together.”  It’s the people that make you want to show this book to everyone. There are all kinds of people on every page. A Bus Called Heaven is a happy – and optimistic – book.

Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies and Mark Hearld

A poetry book. An art book.  A book that makes you take a closer look at the leaves and birds and flowers. Outside Your Window is so beautiful that I have actually carried it in my tote bag this week and looked at it during the day. Here’s a poem I read at lunch today:


The breeze shivers through the barley,

and the sea sighs.

Far away an owl is calling

and a star shines.

The moon sails white and silver

in the dark sky.

Sometimes you can feel,

sometimes you can feel,

sometimes you can feel the world is turning.


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