Friday Happiness

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So much to be happy about today….I visited a friend today and we went to Starbucks, the sun is shining, and Pandora is playing Golden Slumbers (my favorite Beatles song) as I write this. On top of all that, my editor just sent me a link to Junior Library Guild’s list of “Baseball Book Hits,” and Hammerin’ Hank Greenberg is on the list.  Opening Day is next Thursday, so kids of all ages will be getting out their baseball caps. I always begin the season kind of excited to hear Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy broadcasting the Red Sox games. Even though I’m not often paying close attention to the score, just hearing their voices as I move around the house makes it feel like summer. My favorite part of watching the game is seeing the miniature Wally the Green Monster sitting in his white adirondack chair in front of their microphones. 

Here’s the link to the Junior Library Guild/School Library Journal list:


One thought on “Friday Happiness

  1. Shelley, that’s terrific that your book is getting so much recognition! And of course it was so much fun to have you come visit today! Hope you come back soon! xo

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