New Socks by Bob Shea

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One of today’s missions was to put some different books on display, and because it has felt more like winter than spring this week, I didn’t feel right to break out the baseball books.  I decided to go straight for the attention-grabbing covers – the Barnes and Noble approach. I looked at picture book spines thinking only about what books deserved to be “face out.”  When I saw Bob Shea’s book, New Socks, with that energetic and very cute chick on the cover, it was an easy decision. It crossed my mind that I should read Shea’s book to our pre-school classes, but one thing about working with kids, you just never know….

Later in the afternoon, a group of 3rd grade students were in the library for a library skills and technology class. One of the girls noticed the bespeckled chick on the cover of Shea’s book (no surprise there) and asked if I would read it to them. I told her that if we had time, I’d read it at the end of class. However…proving once again that letting kids figure it out themselves is often the best idea, here’s what happened. I walked away to help a few other students with an iPad issue, and I noticed this girl and her friend looking at the book. The next thing I knew they were “performing” it. They recited the short witty text together with great style and it was perfect. No reading I was going to do would have come close to what they came up with on their own. When I listened to the book again, it occurred to me that fans of Mo Willems books should check this one out – it has that same direct humorous style of his Elephant and Piggie books.

Tonight I went on line and saw this very cute Youtube video starring, of course, the chick with oversize orange socks!


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