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When I walked outside this morning, it was actually cold – something that has not happened too often during this mild winter.  Not that I have any complaints. In fact, the other day I heard a report about the downsides of the unseasonable temperatures, but I had trouble sharing the reporter’s concern.  With apologies to my friends who ski, I think this has been a perfect winter.  Cold enough to enjoy a hot drink and a good book, but no ice to slip on!

Back to books. Here are a few things that have caught my attention this weekend:

1. For all you Jodi Picoult fans, her new novel is being released this week.  In Lone Wolf, Picoult, a bestselling author of novels about families and relationships, takes on end-of-life issues.

2. Mark Kelly, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s astronaut husband, has written a picture book. Mousetronaut: A Partially True Story, is about a mouse who dreams of traveling to outer space. The book is being released in October.

3. This is kind of cool. Each month, NPR is inviting a poet to spend the day in the newsroom and then write a poem based on the news. Here’s the link to this month’s poem:

4. I’m really excited about The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce.  In fact, one of the Academy Award-nominated short films is based on this picture book about the power of stories.  The movie is available, but the book won’t be released until July.

5. Perfect timing. I’m reading Julian Houston’s novel New Boy with a group of middle school students right now. Houston’s book is based on his experiences (in the late 1950s) as the first black student at a New England boarding school.  In chapter five, the main character is walking around Harlem and meets Lewis Michaux, a civil rights activist and owner of the African National Memorial Bookstore. And then I read yesterday that Vaunda Micheaux Nelson has written a young adult novel – No Crystal Stair – based on her great uncle’s life.  I ordered it and am looking forward to sharing it with my students.

I’ll keep my eyes open for other interesting book-related news…Happy Reading!


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