Finding Buzz Beaker


How did I miss these books? I think I have a pretty good radar for easy-to-read books because so many Inly students are learning to read. But somehow Buzz Beaker escaped my notice. Until now…

Buzz is the star of the Buzz Beaker Stone Arch Readers (Level 3) by Cari Meister and illustrated in bright cartoon style by Bill McGuire. A young African American boy who is a self-described inventor, Buzz has lots of projects. Among other things, he’s designing a putt-putt hole, driving a Super Fast Car, Growing Goo and inventing a spaceship. He even takes tuba lessons!

Buzz is a determined little guy.  He tests all of his inventions and if they don’t work out, he tries again. “Buzz thinks fast. Buzz thinks smart.” A good message for kids learning to read!


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