A Sculpture for Book Lovers…


Earlier this week, I stumbled on two things I want to share with all of my book-loving friends – that’s you!

Check this out — it’s a Lincoln “Book Sculpture”  located in the new Ford’s Theater Center for Education and Leadership. According to the New York Times, the tower is a “34-foot-high tower that seems constructed from 7,000 books about Lincoln (executed in aluminum).”  This is worth a trip to Washington!

Along the line of cool book-related things, I saw two references to a list of the 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World. It came from a blog called Flavorwire which I had not seen before, but the list is awesome. There’s a “next” button at the top of the article which you can click through to see the photos. I’ve been to one of the stores listed – Shakespeare & Company in Paris – but the one I most want to visit is the store in Brussels called Cook & Book. It’s picture #5 – check out the books on the ceiling! 

Here’s the link:



3 thoughts on “A Sculpture for Book Lovers…

  1. Let’s leave now and go to all of them 🙂
    We went to the one in Santorini last summer. Three pretentious young Americans “working” there, loads of sweaty paperbacks (it was July and there is no air conditioning)…but it was charming!

    • Hi Debbie,

      That would be a cool blog idea actually – someone should go to all 20 book stores and write a commentary on their experience in each one…

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