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Yesterday’s New York Times Book Review listed their selection of 100 Notable Books – 50 fiction and 50 nonfiction choices selected from the paper’s reviews over the past year. There was also a list of Notable Children’s Books, divided into three sections: Young Adult, Middle Grade and Picture Books. This one is a good list to bring along when you go to select books for the young people in your life. Here’s the link:

So many good selections here. I was thrilled to see Kadir Nelson’s new book, Heart and Soul, on the list. Heart and Soul is an overview of the black experience in America, but it is, as Walter Dean Myers described it, “grand and awe-inspiring.” I spent some time looking at Nelson’s book over the weekend and was completely enraptured by his museum-worthy art.  The 44 dramatic, full page paintings grab you from the opening page.  It’s a hard book to classify. I’m not even sure where to shelve it, but I love it.

The picture book selections also make me happy. If you want a cozy family story that is guaranteed to inspire sweet dreams, bring home a copy of John Rocco’s Blackout. A story about a New York family during a literal “blackout” – as in no electricity – the story almost makes you wish for a night with no TV, phone or internet access!

Happy Shopping…


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