Around the World by Matt Phelan

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This morning my car battery died – not a good way to start the week. But while I was waiting for AAA to come to my rescue, I had a chance to finish reading Matt Phelan’s new graphic nonfiction book, Around the World.  A late 19th century version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Phelan’s book is the story of three adventurers who circumnavigated the globe by: Bike, Trains and Boat.

Inspired by Jules Verne’s popular adventure novel Around the World in Eighty Days, Thomas Stevens, Nellie Bly and Joshua Slocum left their homes to see the world. Phelan’s story explores their personal motivations, the pleasures and challenges of their travels, and the impact their global adventures had on each of their lives.

An excellent choice for students who are looking for inspiring stories – and one of the first books I’m putting on Inly’s 2012 Summer Reading List.


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