Hang On, Little Buddy!

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There’s something so admirable about the last leaf hanging from a tree. To me, it’s always seemed like a last stand – a gesture of defiance. “I know what comes after me. Snow and cold and ice. I’m hanging on as one last reminder of summer days and fall’s beautiful colors,” the leaf seems to be saying. I’m probably reading way too much into a leaf’s thoughts, but trees that are almost bare make me sad.

There are two picture books that beautifully capture the annual passage of fall into winter. I love both books equally, and together, they make a perfect late fall story time. Leaves by David Ezra Stein and Fletcher and the Falling Leaves are gentle magical stories about change. I think of both books right after Halloween – when I’m beginning to turn the lights on earlier and adding hot chocolate to the grocery list.  If you’re looking for stories about the changing seasons to share with young children, check these out.


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