The Invention of Hugo Cabret – The Movie

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It’s happening again. I’m getting excited about the movie version of a much-loved book and keeping my fingers crossed that this book-to-movie project will be successful. (Just the other day, I had a conversation with a student and her mother on this very topic. We decided that the movie version of Babe was a winner. I’ll never forget that scene of Farmer Hoggett dancing for Babe!)

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the Caldecott-award winning novel by Brian Selznick, has been made into a film. Selznick’s novel about a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the walls of a Paris train station could be shelved in all of these places: fiction, picture books, graphic novels, or books about movies. I keep it on a shelf reserved for my favorite books of all time – it shares space with The Book Thief and Charlotte’s Web.  The movie opens on November 23…here’s the trailer:


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