Wildwood by Colin Meloy


Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about Colin Meloy and his wife, Carson Ellis, who have written (Meloy) and illustrated (Ellis) Wildwood, a hot new novels for kids ages 9 to 12. I’ve been curious about it, mostly because of the stunning illustrations. When I look at them, I want to have them copied, enlarged and hung up around my house. 

Here’s the link to the article:


Note: I edited this article on October 15 because a reader correctly pointed out that I misread a sentence in the New York Times article. It was a misleading sentence that referred to Meloy’s song lyrics – not Wildwood. I apologize for the error.

“Meloy has an immediately recognizable verbal style and creates a fully realized fantasy world…. Ellis’s illustrations perfectly capture the original world and contribute to the feel of an instant timeless classic.” ~ School Library Journal (starred review)

“Fantasy lovers of all ages will be enthralled by fast-moving plot lines, evocative descriptions, and smart, snappy dialogue.” ~ VOYA

“A satisfying blend of fantasy, adventure story, eco-fable and political satire with broad appeal; especially recommended for preteen boys.” ~ Kirkus


3 thoughts on “Wildwood by Colin Meloy

  1. It’s a really unfortunate and misleading sentence that more than one person has misread. The article actually says “the band’s playfully roguish songbook, which includes, amid seafaring yarns and espionage procedurals, blanching descriptions of rape, torture and the serial murder of children.” The clause refers to some of the band’s lyrics, not Wildwood. The novel itself contains none of this, and there are plenty of reviews from school and library journals that will attest to the story’s appropriateness for children.

    • Thank you for the correction. I just read the article again, and see exactly what you are talking about. I agree that the sentence is misleading. I had read the reviews before this article and was excited about the book. That’s why the article threw me off. I’ll make the edits right now! Thanks again.

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