Hop In!

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I witnessed a magical moment today. It wasn’t at school, but it was in a library – the James Library in Norwell, Massachusetts. I was waiting for my son when I noticed a very young child sitting on the floor looking at picture books with her mother. The child, who was maybe two-years-old, was “reading” books to herself when, all of the sudden, she turned a page, looked up at her mother and said, “hop in!”  I really thought I would cry. I never cease to be amazed at the power of books as a gateway to our imaginations.

Of course, she may have said the same thing looking at an iPad or an e-reader, but it was even more powerful because it wasn’t an interactive screen. She was transported by paper and ink. 

Speaking of imaginations, a child at school today told me she was going to Florida on a vacation. I asked her what part of Florida. Her answer: the California part. I want to hear about that trip!


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