Ian Falconer Would Not Be Pleased!


Yesterday, during a class visit to the library, I noticed a group of second and third grade students who had methodically walked around the library and collected all of the “plush” characters that we have on display.  There they were – Olivia, Curious George, Elephant and Piggie, Lilly with her purple plastic purse, the mouse with his cookie and many others – piled in a heap in the middle of a table.  One of the kids suggested they give them “a new story” so naturally I listened in. Poor Olivia!  The story did not go her way. She became the “evil mother” and told all of the other characters what to do in no uncertain terms. It was a tough day for Curious George!

On a completely different note, if you have already started your summer reading list, here are a couple of things to watch for:

1 – Philippa Gregory, the author The Other Boleyn Girl and other enormously popular novels for adults, is writing a series of historical romances for young adults.

2 – Emma Thompson, the Oscar-winning actress, is the author of The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit.  It is being published by Beatrix Potter’s own publisher, Frederick Warne – and will be the first book to feature Peter Rabbit since 1930.  Although I’m usually dubious about celebrity-written picture books, I’m kind of excited about this one. Thompson seems like the perfet person to capture the spirit of Beatrix Potter!


2 thoughts on “Ian Falconer Would Not Be Pleased!

  1. I LOVE Phillipa Gregory! I can’t wait to check out her latest Young Adult contributions to the literary world.

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