A Strange Monday!

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I feel like a character in a time travel novel today. At lunch, I had to go to Michaels and pick something up – and a colorful Christmas display caught my eye. Just as I was thinking that it was too early to think about Rudolph, I heard a voice over the loudspeaker, and it wasn’t Santa Claus. It was Martha Stewart reminding shoppers that “with summer just around the corner, now is a good time to stock up on….” I have no idea what she was telling us to buy, but it was a strange sensation to be thinking that maybe I should get started on my Christmas shopping and then wondering if another school year had flown by already.

When I returned to school, a student visited the library to ask me about Barbara O’Connor’s visit to Inly tomorrow. He wanted to know if he brought books for her to sign, if they had to be written by Barbara O’Connor. Wow!  I wonder how she would feel about being given a stack of books by different authors.  Strange day…

But I’m so excited about tomorrow! Look for an interview with the amazing Barbara O’Connor, author of How to Steal a Dog and The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester, in this space soon.


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