A “Random” Fact

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I don’t know if you will be as excited to learn this as I was, but last night I was reading Alexandra Styron’s memoir about growing up as William Styron’s (Sophie’s Choice) daughter when I reached a part where the author describes her famous father’s friendship with Bennett Cerf who started Random House.  In this section of Reading My Father, Alexandra Styron explains how Cerf and a partner bought the Modern Library series and decided to publish books as well.  Here’s Cerf’s quote: “As for the name (Random House), we just said we were going to publish a few books on the side at Random.”  I had no idea that that’s what the “Random” in Random House refers to…

And that “random” house? It was drawn by the American artist and illustrator Rockwell Kent.


One thought on “A “Random” Fact

  1. Love that! Had no idea where the name came from, either. And I didn’t know the logo came from Rockwell Kent; he’s one of my favorite painters and he spent a lot of time in a part of Maine that I love. Thanks, Shelley!

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