Goodbye Borders…

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Today’s news about Borders was just what we expected, right? The signs (literally and metaphorically) have been there for years. Over the past year, it seems that every Borders I’ve visited has a sign announcing that the light fixtures are available for purchase.  I’ll miss Boston’s Downtown Crossing store.  Whenever I was in town, I would pop in to buy magazines from their incredibly large selection.  Then I would sit in the cafe and watch the people – quite a different show from the shoppers at our suburban Barnes and Noble.  I’m not an expert on the retail business, but the reports on the radio point to over expansion and poor management.  Borders was owned by Kmart – I can’t imagine that was a good match. The same people who brought us Blue Light Specials were probably not publishing professionals. But there were nearly 400 Borders stores at one time, and thousands of people have lost their jobs.

The days of browsing are coming to an end, but I’ll treasure my memories of Boston’s Borders. I spent many happy hours there looking at new releases, buying music magazines for my son and most of all, watching the diverse mix of people who came together in that store.


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