Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke


Just yesterday I read a story in Newsweek titled “How to Raise a Global Kid.”  Today I found the Anna Hibiscus series by Nigerian author, Atinuke.  Coincidence? I think not. Even before reading the Newsweek story,  I was looking for stories featuring kids from other countries to introduce in school this year. Inly’s library already has a wide selection of books that take place in every corner of the globe, but I was looking for a few new ones. How did I miss Anna Hibiscus who “lives in Africa. Amazing Africa.”  I bought the whole series today and can’t wait to share them with the teachers.

The stories about Anna Hibiscus are told in short early chapter books, and Anna is a character any child can relate to. She lives with her large extended family. They text and use their cell phones, but her family also has mango trees, gets their water from a well, and visit a shop where “black-eyed bean fritters” are sold.

Reading books about children who live in other parts of the world is no substitute for traveling, but it is an important part of a young child’s education.  Understanding that their joys and concerns are shared by others, not only makes kids more empathetic, but encourages them to be open to the variety of experiences available in this big amazing world.

Here’s the link to Newsweek’s story:


4 thoughts on “Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your comment. Like you, I usually go to Baker/Taylor, but to get Anna Hibiscus, I ordered from Amazon. I just visited your wonderful blog. It looks like we share many of the same favorite things!

      • I agree that these books are fantastic at exposing kids to a different way of life, and Atinuke also has a second series called the “No. 1 Car Spotter”. Just to update, these are no longer available from Amazon, but must be purchased directly from the publisher. Good news is that they are available in paperback or library binding, and there are also two Anna Hibiscus picture books too!

      • Hi Louise,

        Thanks for the update. I’m glad to have the info – and plan to check out the No. 1 Car Spotter!

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