How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham

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I think the bedtime story our family should read tonight is Bob Graham’s poignant picture book, How to Heal a Broken Wing. In our case, we can’t “heal” the wing, but it may cheer us up a bit. We killed a robin – by accident, of course. I think it was the mother of the little group that’s been nesting under our deck. My husband told me he’s sure it’s not her, but I don’t believe him. We all feel sick about it. 

It was all about raspberries. Last year, we planted a few raspberry bushes and they were lovely. The birds agreed with us. They enjoyed them so much that they didn’t leave one berry on the bush after their feast. Their little beaks must have been bright red for days! Anyway, this year, I suggested that we place a net over the bushes. But tonight, after finding the robin caught in the net like Peter Rabbit and his troublesome brass button, we took it down. As my husband said: “we can buy raspberries at the farmer’s market down the street.”

In Graham’s book, a boy finds a bird with a hurt wing. The bird falls on a busy street and no one notices – except the young boy who takes it home and nurses it back to health. No such luck for our victim, but the winged residents of our backyard can look forward to lots of raspberries in just a few weeks!


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