Discovering “Where the Sidewalk Ends”

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How did I miss Where the Sidewalk Ends (the store, not the book) in Chatham on Cape Cod!  It was a picture perfect day on the Cape so after we had a delighful “kick-off to summer” lunch on Main Street, we took a little walk. My son was gravitating toward the Chatham Candy Manor and after his mission was accomplished, we walked a bit further up the street. It’s been a few years since I’ve walked the length of Main Street because had I known about the treasure at the “end” of the street, it would have been on my itinerary. Great name for a bookstore, isn’t it? And it is kind of at the “end” of the Main Street shopping area. The space is wonderful – airy, bright and well designed. I know it’s hard to justify paying full price for books these days, but I was happy for their staff to swipe my debit card if it helps this wonderful store to stay in Chatham. After so many trips to Barnes and Noble where the books on display are selected by corporate HQ, I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to browse.  Where the Sidewalk Ends clearly has book buyers who know what they are doing. Great selection. Helpful staff.  I’m going back this summer.


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