Two Fewer Opportunities to Browse


Whenever our family plans a trip, our first stop is the Globe Corner Bookstore in Harvard Square. My husband loves the store’s mix of straightforward travel guides and the best travel writing about every corner of the “globe.” He grew up going to the Globe Corner Bookstore and it was where he got ideas, was inspired about the wonders of the world and talked with experienced travelers. While he researched new adventures, my son and I would make our way down the street to Curious George Goes to Wordsworth, a wonderful children’s bookstore right in the center of Harvard Square. We loved looking at the new books, and I have fond memories of my son (as a six-year-old) showing me books he could read by himeself.  Naturally, we bought a plush Curious George during one of our visits.

In a few weeks, both bookstores will be closed. I know why and, by being a Nook owner and on-line book shopper, I contribute to the impossibility of sustaining independent bookstores. I still feel sad.  Like many supporters of independents, I would often purchase books in the stores to, in effect, vote with my wallet. But admittedly, I would look at a full price book and think that maybe there was a used copy on Amazon. This day was inevitable, but I will miss those evenings in Harvard Square that my husband, son and I spent poking around the bookstores learning about new places to see and new books to read.

2 thoughts on “Two Fewer Opportunities to Browse

  1. People should get their stories straight before blogging about non-facts.
    Although the Curious George store is currently closed, it has switched hands, and will be reopening this fall.

    • I’m thrilled it’s reopening, but when I posted this a while back, it was based on a Boston Globe story. My facts came from a newspaper, not random information.
      I apologize for the error.

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