My Visit to the Solomon Schechter Day School

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Today was such fun! I had the pleasure of talking about Hank Greenberg with the 4th and 6th grade students at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston. The school is beautiful and the kids were terrific – one of them was even eagle-eyed enough to notice my Ohio wristwatch!  The 4th grade students had just completed a unit about biographies during which some of them read my book. They asked about the steps involved in writing a biography and how writers choose their subjects, but they were especially interested to see the alternate covers of the Greenberg book and to express their very good opinions. 

The 6th grade students were also studying biographies, and I was able to go into a bit more detail with them.  As I expected, they asked questions about internet research, and one student asked a thoughtful question about the kinds of prejudice faced by Jackie Robinson compared to what Greenberg experienced. When I told them about the many books I used to learn about Hank Greenberg, one student asked why I didn’t just use SparkNotes – which provided me with an excellent opening to talk about how much you miss when you only read plot-driven summaries. Charlotte’s Web would turn into this: Fern had a pig named Wilbur. The pig made friends with a spider named Charlotte. Charlotte spun words into her web to save Wilbur’s life.  It worked.

Thanks to everyone at the Schechter School for making me feel so welcome.  The Inly Summer Reading List will continue tomorrow…


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