Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton

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I like this book. It’s a simple sweet story, that no matter how often it is told, kids love to hear. You know the one. This is about a little animal (in this case, an owl) who can’t find his mommy. You also know how the story ends. But…don’t judge this book by its plot. It’s routine to us, but not to a three-year-old. And look at that owl. How cute is he!  I learned about Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton when I checked Booktrusts’s 2011 list of the best new illustrators. Booktrust is a terrific English web site which includes all kinds of fun things to read that distract me from whatever work I should be doing.

Little Owl Lost, which across the pond is called A Bit Lost, is the story of an owl who falls off a perch he shares with his mother. A search follows. Owl, with the help of a friendly squirrel, describes his mother to other animals, and he keeps being misdirected. It’s the colors that make this book so wonderful. They are so deep and intense on the page. I wish I could show all of the pictures to you, but since I can’t, I’d recommend taking a young child to the library.

To read more about the Best New Illustrators Award – follow this link:


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