I was walking through Barnes and Noble today and something caught my eye. While looking at the new releases in fiction, I thought this book was a misplaced copy of Kathryn Erskine’s National Book Award-winning novel, Mockingbird. But the book – as you can see – is Will Allison’s new novel, Long Drive Home.  The books are from different publishers, but clearly they use the same stock photo agency. The girl with the braid is everywhere! I guess it could work to Allison’s benefit. Because of its cover, I picked it up, read the inside flap and added it to my mental list of books to read more about. 

Anyway, here’s an easy way to keep them straight. Erskine’s young adult novel is a paperback and Allison’s a hardcover. I think it’s safe to assume that when his book is released in paperback, it will have a new cover.  


2 thoughts on “Oops!

    • Hi – Thanks for your question. I’ve done some online research on this and, according to what I can find out, the pictures fall under fair use – in the same way that quoting from a book does. In fact, here is some information I read on one web site:
      “My knowledge of copyright is basic: I don’t copy someone else’s work without their permission. While I have opinions about how copyright should change, I follow copyright law. To my knowledge, my website is clear of copyright violations. I use book covers all the time under the assumption that publishers want people to use them to promote their books, i.e., I have their permission. I’m not offering legal advice, but the assumption is likely safe for your average book blogger.”
      Also, some times I take pictures of the cover of my own books therefore the image belongs to me. I have always felt that my use of covers falls into “fair use” category, but will continue to read more information about it.

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