Press Here by Herve Tullet

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I’m really happy there was no “secret camera” filming me as I read this book. I actually “pushed” buttons on pages when I was 100% certain that nothing would happen. I don’t know why I did it, but really – I couldn’t help myself.  Press Here, by French author and illustrator Herve Tullet, is one of the most creative books I’ve ever seen. The first page features a yellow circle in the center of a white page. The text reads: “press here and turn the page.”  I didn’t fall for it that time. I was still too aware that I was looking at a book. But a few pages later, I was treating this book like it was my iPhone.  One page reads: “Not bad. But maybe a little bit harder” – I had to stop myself from pushing the page harder. I’m getting a copy of Press Here for school. We have iPads in the library, but seriously, I think this book could give them a run for their money!


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