The Tao of Biscuit

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I think I may have underestimated Biscuit. Biscuit, for the uninitiated, is the adorable star of HarperCollins’ I Can Read books for children.  There are many Biscuit books, and with their repetitive text and simple sentences, the books can be counted on to give beginning readers a successful experience. I’ve watched teachers use them for years, but I had no idea how popular the little pup is, until this week.

Here’s what happened. A first grade student noticed the plush book characters that live in the school library – Curious George, Olivia, Paddington, Lilly (with her purple plastic purse), and a few others. This girl asked why we didn’t have Biscuit. I told her I would be on the look out on future shopping excursions, and the next day she came to school with a small adorable plush Biscuit that, as I later learned, she asked her grandfather to purchase. She gave it to me as we were on our way to an all-school gathering so Biscuit “tagged along.” It was an enlightening experience. Kids from kindergarten through 7th grade greeted me with cries of “Biscuit!” The older children told me they remembered reading the books when they were learning to read and asked to hold him. I had no idea! 

Biscuit now has a place of honor in the library, and my colleague took one look at Biscuit and said: “I like that one.” Clearly, Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Pat Schories, have created a beloved character. I’m thinking of re-reading the Biscuit ouevre. Maybe there’s more there than I originally thought!


One thought on “The Tao of Biscuit

  1. Thanks. I told him you wanted one when we where at the book store I had to keep asking him. when we got there I asked him and he said yes. you got lucky becuse it was the last one. I thought I shoud becuse it looked like you realy wanted one at school so I did. becuse your realy nice…………….. from regan

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