A Report from the Book Fair Sales Desk…

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I am writing this during the final hours of Inly’s spring book fair. There are two boys at a nearby table looking at Star Wars books. Two 5th grade girls are looking at the always popular pencils and bookmarks. And there is a mother looking at all of the picture books featuring bunnies deciding which one to put in her child’s Easter basket on Sunday.

Listening to shoppers – both students and parents – is always entertaining. One of the most interesting conversations I overheard this week was between two sixth grade girls.

Girl #1: It seems like every book for our age is sad.

Girl #2: Do the authors think we’re all sad?

Of course, that is not true, but looking around the book fair, I can see how they might draw that conclusion.

Here’s another conversation, this one between a mother and her seven-year-old child.

Parent: What book do you want?

Child: Predator Showdown – because I love cute animals!

Look at the cover of this book. “Cute” is not the word that comes to mind – even allowing for a very liberal definition of the word. How great, though, that this child thinks they are.

The five top-selling titles from this year’s book fair are…





and last but not least..Pinkalicious: Tickled Pink

Do you detect a theme here? At least they all really have cute covers!

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