Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley

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It’s a good thing books aren’t people because I’d be in a lot of trouble — I fall in love with a new book every week!  This week – and maybe this month – my favorite children’s book is Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley.  I knew nothing about this book in advance. I wasn’t reading great reviews and then looking for it. I just happened to be in Barnes and Noble on a separate mission when this book caught my eye. Look at him…how could you not pick this book up?  I sat right down (at a very small table and chair) and read straight through – at which point, I had yet another title on my list of favorite picture books. And, it’s especially great, that Dog’s adventure begins with a book – Puss in Boots.

After reading Puss in Boots, Dog decides he wants boots of his own. That makes sense to me. It’s hard to read a story about shoes and not think about getting new ones.  So…Dog gets boots, and to put it mildy, they don’t work out. So, he tries a variety of other footwear options, and he’s hopeful and enthusiastic about every one of them. But…they don’t work. Of course, he learns, as Dorothy did, that he was “wearing” the answer all along. No – not red twinkly shoes, but his own little paws. And, to top it off, how great is that name – Dog.  Just Dog.  I’m ordering two of these – one for school and one for me.


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