Already Counting the Days…

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I just read the most wonderful news!   Mark your calendars now for September 13 – the day Wonderstruck will be released. I don’t know if there will be midnight parties like there were for Harry Potter, but if I find one, I’m going.  Like Selznick’s Caldecott Medal winner The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck will integrate drawings and text.  Here’s the description of Wonderstruck from the Publishers Weekly website…

“…In Wonderstruck Selznick uses words to follow the story of Ben, who is living in 1977, and relies entirely on pictures to tell the story of Rose, who is living in 1937. Both characters are beset by loneliness – Ben’s mother has just died and Rose lives alone with her father – and each makes a separate discovery that will change their lives.” 

193 days (if my math is correct)…a long time to wait, but worth it!


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