Eating Beignets in New Orleans

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After three months of cold, dark and snowy days,  I found myself today sitting outdoors at the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans eating beignets.  Yesterday I did not know what a beignet was. I only knew that every person I spoke with before our trip to New Orleans told me that it would not be complete without a visit to the Cafe Du Monde. As my husband, son, and I took our first bites – we looked at each other and smiled.  What’s not to love about a warm, soft square of fried dough smothered in powdered sugar!

On a less happy, but more book-related note, we also went to a Borders bookstore that was literally selling the fixtures off the wall.  I overheard a young woman asking a sales guy how much the bookcases cost. There are few more depressing places to be than a bookstore – even a chain store – that couldn’t make it.  The three of us wandered around looking at books piled up everywhere and wondering why a town this large with so many colleges couldn’t sustain a bricks and morter store.  Of course, there are all of the regular (e-readers, Amazon) reasons, but it still felt wrong somehow.  The remains of the young adult section were being picked over by young women looking for Twilight-related novels, but I could see the hundreds of treasures they were overlooking and felt like rescuing them all.  My husband reminded me that any book I purchased would have to be carried back in our suitcase, so we left empty handed and went out to eat gumbo.  More from New Orleans soon…


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