The Power of a Good Story

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Something happened in the library today that reminded me of the power of a picture book.  I was reading Harry By the Sea by Gene Zion to a group of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students. One girl in the group was so engaged by Harry’s adventure that the rest of the world ceased to exist for ten whole minutes. In fact, while I was reading the story, her dad, a teacher in the school, walked into the library, put something on my desk, walked back to the group, watched his daughter for a moment, and left the room.  His daughter never noticed him standing ten feet away from her. She was with Harry.  She laughed when a wave covered Harry with seaweed and looked relieved when Harry was reunited with his family. As I was reading to the children, I was aware of what was happening, and it made me so happy that paper, ink and glue continue to work their magic.


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