Everything Old is New Again!


A true story. Nothing was exagerated for the sake of the blog.  However….I admit that during the conversation I was thinking, “I have to write this down.”  This is a conversation I had with a third grade student this morning.  I’ll call him Mike.

Mike: “I’m looking for a rare book.”

Me: (thinking that this could be a true professional challenge.) “Okay. What is it?”

Mike: “It’s very rare. I don’t think you have it here.”

Me: “Go for it. Maybe you’ll be surprised.”

Mike: “Okay, but it’s really rare. It’s about a man named Wonka who has a chocolate factory.

Me: “Believe it or not, we have it!”

Another satisfied patron! I love my job.


2 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again!

  1. That’s so funny. I love this book! Roald Dahl is a genius. For lit we had to read one of his short stories, Beware of the Dog, and it really confused me, mostly because I read it when I was really tired, but when I went through it with Julie and Gabby and Zach, it all made sense and it made me appreciate how much thought was out into the story, just like all of his writing.

  2. I love this book! Once i had to read it in like 3rd grade it was great. We had to read it during testing. I might just read it again for fun because i hardly remember what it is about, but i remember the movie.

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