Too Early to Look for Crocus?

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For a person who has spring fever by Thankgiving, these are hard days.  Today we’re expecting a high of about 15 degrees and it’s supposed to be colder tomorrow.  So, in the spirit of finding things (other than watching the NFL playoffs) that are fun to do indoors, here are four book-related websites for children.  They all suggest activities and, of course, have commercial elements, but these websites honor and celebrate the stories on which they are based. (I just took the “Which Beatrix Potter Character Are You” quiz – and it turns out that I share some personality traits with Miss Tiggy-Winkle! ) (Check out the Sam I Am video)  (My favorite part of this website is a short essay on the “Tao” of Pooh – children may prefer the coloring pages.) (This site includes a recipe for gingerbread cookies. Cold days are perfect for making – and eating – cookies!)

While my family watches the football games later this afternoon, I may read a book that takes place in a warm sunny place.  Maybe I should see if we own any books by Carl Hiassen…


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