The Village Garage by G. Brian Karas

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I don’t know what took me so long to read this new book by one of my favorite authors and illustrators, G. Brian Karas.  I look forward to every book Karas publishes and always feel a “here’s another one” anticipation when I see a new title.  As it turns out, my wait was perfectly timed. The Village Garage is about a group of workers at a town garage – the workers who clean up the leaves, fill the pot holes, mow the town’s grass and, of course, plow the snow.  Well – as luck would have it – I looked at this book during a big snowstorm so there were sound effects! 

“Chink Chink Chink, the chains rattle.

KKKKKKRRRRRRRRR, the plows scrape.


The sand and salt spray, and the trucks

rumble in the muffled night.”

And that’s exactly what I heard as I turned the pages of this wonderful book. One of the things I particularly like about The Village Garage is that it’s about a community, and especially the people who make a community work.  Everyone in this garage looks so friendly, and as you will see, commited to picking up every leaf!


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