A Book (and Nook) Filled Christmas!


Books for Christmas – and a Nook Color with a bright pink case!   Thanks to my husband and son’s very generous gift, I’m in it now. I have an e-reader. And I must admit, it’s pretty fun. I can already envision a vacation without my heavy tote bag. I will not miss that pain in my shoulder, the one that caused me to move the bag back and forth in a fruitless effort to relieve the pressure. After watching the Nook’s introductory video and getting my account set up, I had to think for awhile about my first purchase. I thought maybe short stories would be a good way to plunge into this new world – and I’ve had my eye on Ann Beattie’s New Yorker Stories.  Truthfully, one of the reasons I hesitated to purchase the “real” book is that it’s over 500 pages – and our shelf space is at a premium. So, I pushed the button, and as advertised, it was there in seconds. 

Here’s the scary part. It’s just too easy. You think of it here – and it comes out there!  And out of your checking account as well, but that’s another issue… I wish it were a little harder than just pushing a button. For example, a video would pop up and a friendly little book character (maybe Winnie-the-Pooh) would come on and say: “you realize, of course, that you are purchasing this book. Do you really want it?” I would answer yes anyway, but it might be a good reminder that this is real money were talking about!

Books were the gift of choice in our house and with Mother Nature throwing a blizzard into the mix, we’ve had lots of time to enjoy them. I gave my husband several gardening books, so as the wind howls outside, he is planning for spring. My son has been looking at a couple of new books about jazz, and my father (visiting from Ohio) has already started Jim the Boy by Tony Earley. 

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas – and if you live in New England, safe travels…


3 thoughts on “A Book (and Nook) Filled Christmas!

  1. You’ll love your Nook. It’s so much fun and so easy to carry around. Your shoulder will feel better before you know it.

    Happy New Year!

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