Three for Thursday

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My husband and I were in Salem, Massachusetts this past Saturday and if we had been dropped into Salem without knowing the date, we would easily have guessed October 31. It was not, of course.  In fact, it was two weeks before Halloween, but everyone (except us) seemed to be in costume. Street performers were everywhere, and lots of strange noises (like ghosts howling and witch’s laughing) were drifting out of stores.  We felt like we had landed in a bad movie  It seems that Halloween in Salem has become a kind of King Richard’s Faire, a month-long celebration of a holiday that when I was a child was celebrated for two days – tops.   Anyway, clearly Halloween has changed, and you can see it in the school library world as well.

Kids were requesting Halloween books by mid-September so, like stores with holiday decorations, we display the books earlier each year.  In a very unscientific survey, here are the three most popular Halloween books in the Inly Library.

The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey – Far and away the most popular Halloween book we have.  It is really funny and includes great word play.

Scaredy-Cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton – A new book and already making the top 3. My favorite part of this series is that rather than frightening mice, Splat has one as a pet!

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams  – A perennial favorite and a true Halloween classic. When the very brave “little old lady” is walking through the forest and sees some unexpected things floating in the air, she puts them to creative use.

By next week, things will have reached a fever pitch.  This afternoon I overheard a young child say that he is dressing up as a chili dog – I have to introduce him to the Hallo-Wiener!


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