Report From the Book Fair….

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Working at the Inly Book Fair always brings me face to face with reality.  The reality is that the Star Wars books sell first – followed closely by Lego-related titles.  Of course, I hand-sell other books and encourage students to try something new, but they still arrive at the check-out desk with the Star Wars Visual Dictionary. Truthfully, our students are great.  They listen patiently as I extoll the virtues of other titles, and often their  parents will buy the books I’ve recommended.  The experience of working at the book fair is a good one.  It’s good to remember what it’s like to be ten. Actually, a few minutes ago I opened the Lego Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection, and must admit – it’s kind of cool.


One thought on “Report From the Book Fair….

  1. Book fairs remind us that kids are kids. They are shaped by so many of us. It is so imporatnt that we shape them to love and enjoy reading and knowledge.

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