A Report from the First Day of School

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Last year the Inly Library had a new window.  This year is even better.  There are now two sets of windows and a new door leading to a 4th, 5th and 6th grade classroom.  I’m not sure it can get any better than this – two ways to look outdoors and a constant stream of visiting kids.  And so, with visions of new clothes and hairstyles and braces and summer-time-tans walking by all day, we begin a new school year.

I have the obligatory display of “first day of school books,” and the teachers are using them for today’s story time.  I’ve seen a few classes on scavenger hunts and a few taking nature walks around our beautiful little campus. There are so many new books to share with the students, including a few from a box I just opened.

Included in today’s delivery was Jewell Parker Rhodes’ new novel, Ninth Ward, about Lanesha, a twelve-year-old-girl and Mama Ya-Ya, her caretaker, who have no choice but to stay in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I’m slipping this one into my tote bag so I can read it before passing it on to our students.  It’s very good to be back.


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