Felicidades, Espana!

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While we were in New York this past weekend, we watched the final match of the World Cup in a Friday’s restaurant in Times Square.  It was my husband’s and son’s idea to stay in the city and watch the match, and although I was unsure about spending three hours in Friday’s surrounded by enthusiastic fans, it turned out to be one of the highlights of our weekend.  The restaurant was packed and there were people outside with their noses pressed against the window.  When the Spanish team, won, a rousing chorus of “Ole’, Ole” rang out through the restaurant.  Outside in Times Square, you could hear the vuvuzelas blaring as Spanish fans paraded through the streets.

When I think of Spain, I think of Pablo Picasso, and so in honor of Spain’s victory, here are five books that are wonderful introductions to the artist. 

Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail by Laurence Anholt  (Based on a true story of a little girl, Sylvette, who was the neighbor of Pablo Picasso.)

Picasso and Minou by P.I. Maltbie  (A sweet story of friendship – and inspiration – between Picasso and his Siamese cat, Minou.)

Oooh! Picasso by Mil Niepold  (A child-friendly introduction to Picasso’s sculpture)

Paris in the Spring with Picasso by Joan Yolleck  (A lovely introduction to life in Paris in the early 20th century)

Who Was Pablo Picasso? by True Kelley (Kids love the “Who Was” series of short biographies.  They are accessible books that provide an overview of a person’s life.  When checking one of these books out to kids at school, I always hope it encourages them to learn more about the book’s subject.)


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