Three for Thursday

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There was big news – literally –  in Scituate, Massachusetts this week.  A Scituate man made quite a catch: a 624-pound mako shark.  According to the news reports, the fish is the largest male mako shark ever to be recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.  The fisherman had big plans for the shark: “It’s an excellent eating fish,” he said.

Like most school libraries, books about sharks are among our most heavily circulated titles.  I think every class visit includes one or two kids (usually boys) who request books about sharks.  In honor of the Scituate catch and in memory of the 624-pound fish, here are three of our most popular shark books.  All of them are perfect for kindergarten through 3rd grade shark enthusiasts.  The books include lots of facts which make exellent dinner time conversation, as long as you are not eating shark!

All About Sharks by Jim Arnoksy

Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies

Little Shark by Anne Rockwell

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