Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty

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I’m sometimes called on to read a story to a group of young children with very short notice – and a request to read one crowd-pleasing picture book.  When that happens, there are a few “go to” books on my mental list, many of them by Rosemary Wells.  But…there are a few others, and last year Doctor Ted by Andrea Beaty was one of them.   Doctor Ted, the bear who decides to become a doctor when he can’t find one, is a wonderful character with particularly funny and endearing facial expressions.  At the end of that story, even my three-year-old listeners know that Ted will soon become a fireman – and now he has!

Firefighter Ted is just as sweet and funny as Doctor Ted.  The illustration of him searching under his covers for a firefighter (when he smells toast burning) is priceless…I can’t wait to share this book with the children when school begins in September.  The best part is that by the last page of the book, the kids will know what Ted is planning next!


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