Max Spaniel by David Catrow

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If I was on Facebook, I’d start a page for people who like Max Spaniel.  Since I’m not, I’ll announce my love for David Catrow’s spaniel here.  I knew David Catrow’s work before he created his new canine hero.  The Inly Library has many of the picture books he’s illustrated, and I love Wet Dog by Elise Broach.  But when I “met” Max in his first book Dinosaur Hunt, I thought it was some of Catrow’s best work.  Now with the publication of Funny Lunch, Max’s second adventure, I’m even more of a fan.  Every time I look at Max’s expressive eyes, I laugh.  And his adventures are perfect for new readers.  So many young children want funny stories and Max is really funny.  When I realized Catrow lives in Springfield, Ohio, it all became clear.  As I’ve written about before, I grew up in Dayton, Ohio – not too far from Springfield.  I think it must be a certain Ohio sensibility that draws me to Max.  Whatever it is, I’m sold.  It may even convince me to join Facebook just so I can start a fan page.

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