And So We Come to the End…

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I know it’s only May 20, but the kids are done.  You can feel the end-of-school energy in every classroom.  It leads to some interesting – and challenging – moments.  Many of our students are simultaneously excited and nervous about whatever grade they will begin in the fall, and sometimes the process of saying goodbye to their current class can be a little messy.

Teachers are beginning to ask for books that can help smooth the transition, so I pulled a few this morning to keep handy for those “moments” that are right around the corner. Since it’s Thursday, here are three I recommend at this time of the year:

When It’s the Last Day of School by Maribeth Boelts

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of School by Joseph Slate

Where Does Thursday Go? by Janeen Brian (This is not a typical last day of school book, but I think it’s effective.  It’s a gentle way to open a discussion about the passage of time.  The book is out of print, but available in many libraries.)

Of course, these books are for young children, but there are books that can ease transition for older kids too.  I’ll write about them tomorrow.


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