Three for Thursday

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This morning I’ve decided to sit in my chair and listen.  Rather than getting up and looking for three books which, in my view, deserve more attention, today I will wait.  I want to see which voices rise above the others….

After a few minutes of listening to animals, Ancient Romans, crime-solving sleuths, and former Presidents vying for my attention, these are the three that most appealed to me this week:

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes (a powerful classic for girls between the ages of 6 and 9 – and a terrific book to introduce the concept of compassion)

Henry and the Kite Dragon by Bruce Edward Hall (this story takes place in 1920s Chinatown and centers around a culture clash – and its resolution – between Chinese and Italian boys.  This book is a great discussion starter for kids in 1st through 4th grade)

Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig  (one of those perfect picture books; this one is fun to “act out” with your pre-school child.  We used to, and we still joke about turning our son into a pizza.)


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