Calling All “Q’s”!

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I’ve faced bigger challenges, but this one certainly ranks right up there.

You see, I’m playing this game with my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students in which we read a book each week by an author whose last name begins with the “next” letter of the alphabet. For example, during the first week I read Milo’s Hat Trick by Jon Agee. The second week was Doctor Ted by Andrea Beaty. You get the idea…

Anyway, I was moving right along without any trouble, but next week has loomed large in my mind—the letter Q! There just aren’t too many good picture books written by people whose last name begins with Q. Thanks to Harriet Ziefert and Charlotte Zolotow, Z is no problem, but Q has proved a formidable challenge. Luckily, I discovered Robert Quackenbush, the author of a delightful series of stories about a duck named Henry. I ordered one today, and with any luck, it will arrive in time for Q week.

In the meantime, it would certainly fill out every children’s library if a few people with the last name of “Quigley” wrote picture books.  And, of course, the letter “X” is only 8 weeks away!


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