The Perfect Book for a Winter Storytime

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I’m aware that my blog is a little bit of “the boy who cried wolf.” If I keep writing that whatever I’m writing about is great, the best, a must-read, then nothing stands out. That’s the risk of a blog about books I’ve enjoyed. If a book isn’t good, then why write about it? It would be a waste of my reader’s time, and that’s not right.

So, here we go again—you have to check this book out: Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser. After one reading, I knew it would be a “go to” book for story times. After three or four, it earned a place on my shelf of favorite books. It is a simply lovely (and funny) story about three animals looking for snow. A squirrel, a hedgehog and a bear each have their own unique idea of what snow might look like, but you have to see what they are for yourself. I don’t want to take the joy away from discovering this little gem on your own.

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