Where the Wild Things Are (The Movie)

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The next blog post was supposed to be a list 10 books for teenage boys, but I finally saw Where the Wild Things Are and want to “post about it” while my reaction is fresh.   The theater complex was packed with 12-15-year-old-Ugg-wearing girls lining up for Twilight.  Literally every girl in the ticket line was wearing Uggs and skinny jeans.  It was fascintating to see—maybe 50 girls in a uniform of sorts.  Anyway, I digress…

I was the only one in my theater.  I had the entire room to myself which was kind of a strange experience, but somehow fitting.  I was a bit uncomfortable in the room and a bit uncomfortable about the movie.  The movie is beautiful, no doubt about it.  And it was interesting to see all of the ways in which Max’s out-of-control home life were echoed in his life with the Wild Things. I just didn’t like it, and I’m still trying to figure out why.  There was never a moment when I didn’t find myself wondering about who the film is for.  The book is for young children, and the movie is for…not sure.   I’d be interested in talking with people who’ve seen it and sort out my response.

Every time I see a movie that came from a beloved book, I’m disappointed.  Each time I think, “this time will be different.”  It never is.


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